Everything You Need for Exhibiting at AWE USA

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Download the AWE USA planning checklist to help you stay organized and on-time with important deadlines for booth orders, shipping, and other exhibitor services. Don’t wait!

Plan Your Trip

See what’s included with your booth, find your spot on the exhibit hall floor plan, review key dates and times for the show, and get great rates with our partner hotels.

Order Booth Services

Make sure your booth has everything you need for a successful event. Order these key services early to avoid late fees or delays: shipping/material handling (please read the directions thoroughly), electricity (must be ordered for all booths, except startups) and upgraded carpet or furnishings from Freeman (Exhibitor Services), lead retrieval, AV, internet, and food & beverage. Please review the Code of Conduct and Exhibitor Awareness pages to ensure you are following the rules and don't get scammed.


Expo Hall & Playground Logistics: Megan Gerber [email protected]
Sponsorship & Exhibitor Sales: Nate Harper [email protected] OR Brian Wainaina [email protected]

Sponsor Speaker Logistics: Sonya Haskins [email protected]

Find all of the event information at: https://www.awexr.com/


  • Please see the above Registration icon for detailed instructions. 
  • Please use the above Exhibitor Schedule icon for a full breakdown of important Exhibitor times (such as set up, tear down, etc.). 
  • You can find the full conference agenda here.
  • Press Walkthrough will be Thursday, June 1 from 10am to 11am PT
  • EXPO HOURS (all attendees):
    • Thursday, June 1 from 11am to 6pm  
    • Friday, June 2 from 10am to 3pm 
  • If your information is incorrect on the floor plan or the website, you can use the ExpoFP link you were sent to update at any time. This is important for the marketing of your participation in AWE on the AWE website. You do not need to complete everything in the profile.
  • If you need your link resent, please email [email protected]
  • Please see the above Marketing Tools icon for resources to promote your participation in AWE.
  • If you would like a customized social card to share with your company name and booth number, please email [email protected] to request.
  • Please see the Press icon above to submit any materials and announcements.
  • Please use the above Shipping icon for all of the information on shipping and material handling for your booth, including deadlines and addresses. 
  • Please see Booth Details icon above for all details of the booth and the inclusions for the space.
  • Please see AV Ordering icon above for information. 
  • If you need additional furnishings for your booth, please see the Exhibitor Services icon.
  • Please see Lead Retrieval icon above for information on ordering lead capture devices or the app.
  • Please see Internet Ordering Icon above to order specialized internet services.
  • The conference Wi-Fi is meant only for browsing the internet and emails. It gets bogged down with all of the attendees on it. If your demonstration or booth needs higher bandwidth or a hardline, you will need to order it. 
  • The conference Wi-Fi logins will be provided closer to the event or on-site. 
  • To order food and beverage for your booth, including breakfast or lunch group orders, please see the Food & Beverage icon above.
  • Food & Beverage will be available for purchase from various stands throughout the Santa Clara Convention Center and the Hyatt Hotel. 
  • Please see the Hotel & Venue icon for the best rates on our partner hotels that are close to the Convention Center.
  • An attendee list will not be provided by show management nor do we authorize any 3rd Party access to sell our list. See our Exhibitor Awareness for more information.
  • You can use awe.live to connect with other attendees during the show. Registration is free.
  • You may order lead retrieval services from ATS using the above Lead Retrieval icon.
  • AWE and the facility do provide security overnight. However, as with all things, we highly suggest that you do not leave anything in the hall that is easily removable and valuable, such as laptops, cell phones, etc.
  • We are not liable for any lost or stolen items.
  • Please see the Security Icon for more information on hiring additional security if you see the need.
  • Please review the code of conduct here and share with your team.
  • As AWE grows, we have learned of more scams/phishing attempts targeting our exhibitors and attendees. We have created the Awareness page to ensure that you are properly informed and lessen your chances of falling victim to these tactics.

AWE XR, LLC is proud to go green this year! In accordance with our XR Prize Challenge, we are committed to making our event sustainable as well! We are kindly asking that all swag/giveaways in your booth are environmentally friendly. We're asking that you limit the amount of printed materials you utilize, instead, we encourage you to take advantage of the technology and space that we operate in - think QR codes, digital experiences from your website, augmented reality apps, connecting on awe.live, etc. 

Any Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) must complete the Certificate of Insurance (COI) documentation needed for the show organizer and Freeman. Failure to have your EAC pre-qualified could cause costly delays and result in denied access to the show floor. You (or your EAC) can provide their COI through the 'Submit COI Form' in the upper right corner or the EAC Form icon. 


We do allow you to bring in your own videographer or photographer, but they must be registered with one of your passes or one that is purchased for access. They do not qualify for a press pass.
  • If you want to use AWE brand/logos/team - we need a courtesy review for accuracy and brand appropriateness. 
  • The material is yours to use however you see fit, BUT we prefer that you share with us and let us know - so we can support it where it's a good fit!